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Tribe Inclusive is a safe and positive space for those with disabilities to continue learning, make new friends, feel connected and have some FUN!

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Is your loved one with special needs lacking routine, consistency, friendship and FUN?

I'm guessing right now you're loved one might be...

  • Feeling bored and lonely 
  • Out of their routine
  • Missing their friends 
  • Searching for a sense of belonging and connection
  • Not learning new things, not meeting new friends and not having any FUN!

And YOU might be out of ideas!

I get it! 

Making friends and learning new things as an adult = HARD

Making friends and learning new things as an adult with special needs = VERY HARD

Making friends and learning new things as an adult with special needs during a pandemic and social distancing?!! = *NEARLY* IMPOSSIBLE

Tribe Inclusive was created to make this ALL possible and give your loved one a sense of life back.

Tribe Inclusive is an online class membership with AWESOME classes for those of ALL abilities.

Classes Include 👇


✅ Sign Language

✅ Tae Kwon Do

✅ Cooking

✅ Art

✅ Movie Trivia

✅ Dance

✅ Fitness

✅ Science

✅ Yoga

✅ Singing and MORE...

All of this for just $7.50 per day!

Where else can your loved one have access to ALL of these classes in ONE place?!

Inspired by my little sister Lindsay, who was born with Down syndrome (and my favorite human!), Tribe Inclusive is here to be a safe and positive space to connect, learn and have some fun.

Give your loved one something to look forward to every day during this crazy time.

We can't WAIT to welcome you to our TRIBE!

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Triber Testimonials


"Everyday he has stability, something to look forward to and has been able to experience and learn new things. From sign language, to learning to play the guitar, and his favorite... cooking classes! He absolutely loved learning to cook a homemade pizza!

Tribe Inclusive gives him an opportunity to engage and have fun with new hobbies. Taylor and her staff do an amazing job, getting to know each and every one of the participants and making them feel valued.

We are so grateful to have found Tribe Inclusive.

I have so much to say and had trouble keeping it simple. Ha!

That testimonial only touches the surface of how we feel. You all are truly amazing!!

Thank you for all you do!!

We LOVE Tribe Inclusive!"

~The Williams Family

(Las Vegas)


"Willow joined the Tribe online when Covid19 hit and virtual school began. She has TSC, Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, and Tribe Inclusive has more than filled the void that she’d gotten at school, (Unified PE & cheer, art, therapy.)

The Tribe has such a variety of activities, and the guidance and immediate positive feedback is soaked right up!

Willow waits for the weekend email for the following week’s activities, and she practices the sign language over and over. Each day she is as excited to prepare as the event itself.  She performs her magic tricks for the family with grand showmanship!!

She feels independence, and she has friends to see every day.   

This is the best social skills class/camp/program we’ve seen! Thank you sooo much!!"

-Kristi, Mom



Painting, crafting and getting creative with items from around the house!


Charades, Jeopardy and Disney Trivia to name a few!


Guitar lessons straight from School of Rock! Come strum along!

Check out our class calendar here!

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Here is what our parents are saying...

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Take the pressure off of planning activities and keeping your loved ones learning and motivated. We'll take over from here! 

Let's do it!

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From Crazy Hat Day to playing all of our favorite characters!

Life Skills!

There's no better place to learn life skills than from home! Dishes, laundry and more!


Full body workouts, yoga and weight training for mind and body wellbeing!

"Lynnie is really enjoying these classes. She looks forward to it every day and takes it very seriously. It is so good for her and she loves the interacting with everyone!  I am her sister - when I read about what made you start Tribe and the foundation I truly understood it. There is a special bond that we all share.
Thank you for all you do."
-Dee, sister of Lynn (53 yr old student in Connecticut). 

"Tyler loves his time with TGF Tribe!! We are in NJ and he calls you guys his 'Vegas Tribe!" Each day he has something to look forward to and truly loves it so much!! He recently learned a magic trick in class and has shown it to so many people. It made him feel proud and gave him a feeling of self worth!!

Thank you for giving Tyler a place to grow and make friends we really can’t put into words how much it means to us!!"

-Tyler B & Grandma (student in New Jersey)

You're probably a pretty incredible parent or care taker or you wouldn't be here...


Are you already paying for one or all of these classes below? Would you like to have ALL of these available for $3.75 per class?! That's less than a Starbucks coffee!

  • Sign Language
  • Fitness 
  • Dance 
  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Life Skills with a PCA
  • Cooking Classes
  • Yoga 
  • Singing
  • or others!

The Garden Foundation and Tribe Inclusive were created to be a positive place for connection, friendship and fun. It was created for my little sister and her friends and we want to extend the invitation to YOU.

We want to help minimize your current costs, offer great classes in ONE place and be accessible from the safety of your own home. 


Just one private music

lesson or one group fitness class

range anywhere from $25-$60 per class.

That's up to $2,400


With Tribe Inclusive you get


for the month!  

 2 (30) minute classes per day

That's 20 hours & 40 classes per month!



Connection, fulfillment, a sense of belonging, friendship and fun



Thats $2,400

in value for only 



That's $7.50 per day/

$3.75 per class! 

"When The Garden Foundation began online classes with Tribe Inclusive, it changed Sara's outlook for the better.
She looks forward to getting her weekly schedule and preparing for her classes.  Now Sara has access to yoga, strength training workouts, sign language, music classes, art classes and time with her friends and teachers everyday. I help facilitate science and cooking classes that I myself have also enjoyed!
I have been greatly impressed with all the teachers and especially Taylor who adapted 360 degrees to create something to keep her Tribe engaged, learning, healthy, curious and connected. The team is all so dedicated, very caring and considerate.
These connections have been vital for Sara. She has a schedule once again, is being challenged daily and loves her couple of hours of continued connection despite all that's going on in this world. 
I feel so much gratitude for Taylor and her team. Their main purpose is to help our adults flourish everyday and that love shines through with every class."
-Gratefully, Cindy 

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  • UNLIMITED classes for the month!
  • Up to 40 Classes of Art, Theater, Dance, Fitness, Life Skills, Singing, Cooking, Yoga, Trivia and MORE!
  • The chance to connect with people and make new friends!
  • The opportunity to keep learning, growing and have some FUN!
  • $3.75 per class- less than a Starbucks coffee!
  • No Contract! Just a month to month subscription that you can cancel any time!

Look at us GROW!

We are making friends and have students ALL across the USA!

Could you be the next 'green' state?! We can't wait to meet you!

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